The idea comes from a great passion, driven by the desire to propose a new style, not only in the way of dressing.
The brand is strongly inspired and at the same time influenced by the culture of surfing, perceived above all as a lifestyle dictated by a philosophy open to change and rooted in sound principles. It’s a style far from the peaks of Everest, but closer to the unique and creative lifestyle we live in and out of the water.
Welcome to our world.

The Silted Company celebrates the craftsmanship and creative culture that resides in our country. Our collective is made up of surfers, designers, musicians, photographers and innovative directors, embracing the curious side of the way of thinking and positive changes in the world.
“Perceiving Endless” is our motto, it contains the past, present and future of our project.
We were born in Emilia Romagna, so we did not immediately taste the world of surfing, but it was the admiration towards that reality the sport and the culture that brought us to “feel the sea inside” and that is what anyone can feel, in every part of the world.

We strive to create individual pieces with an innovative design approach, maintaining a classic identity and high attention to detail.

The research on materials is the cornerstone for the creation of collections, because we transmit the meaning and soul of the clothes through the fabrics, for example, for our trousers we select fabrics with elastic properties, to make them comfortable and versatile, essential features for the surfing identity of the brand.